The Living Lab Methodology

The first approach is not what the lab is going to do for you, but what you are going to the for the lab […].

The WLK challenge is to turn women “labers” from mere users into value creators, enabling them to recover public spaces to create social change and new solutions for society.

The WLK purpose is to establish a creative space where to test ideas, initiatives, projects, etc., to co-design and prototype with other women in a safe learning-by-doing-environment.

There are coworking spaces, incubators, hubs, [etc.], addressed to entrepreneurs provided with a wide range of supporting services. WLK does not provide “services”. WLK is aimed at growing an ecosystem sponsored by the association of the “labers” themselves where they would “perform” a “job” for the operation of the lab, which might allow them to remain “active”, updating skills and competences, exchanging knowledge and sharing talent, empowering them by co-creating real projects or initiatives.

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