Korea meets Spain: labs to dive deeper into the Spanish food and culture.

There is not just one Spain but many. Spain is diverse and there are surprising attractions at every turn. Korea meets Spain wishes to show up different elements about the Spanish food and culture as well as to look beyond the Spanish clichés of siesta, sangría, paella or matadors.

Seoul Forest Sculpture by the Spanish artist Jaume Plensa.

Thursday, April 16th

Cocido madrileño (Madrilenian stew) 스페인 마드리드 지역의 코씨도 요리


A Spanish4FunCooking Lab event. Cocido is a traditional chickpea based stew from Madrid that dates back to the middle Ages. Fragrant and substantial, Cocido is prepared with meat and vegetables and arrives at the table in three courses, known as tres vuelcos. The broth with noodles precedes the legumes and vegetables, which in turn set the stage for the meat.

The audience will enjoy a breathtaking view to Seoul’s skyline in a 250 m2 empty flat only furnished with the perfect table to enhance this Womenlabkorea Luncheon. We will cook the Cocido’s recipe and while our stew is over the flames we will make a virtual trip to The Madrid of the Spanish Habsburgs, known as “the Austrians” in Spanish and will admire the Plaza Mayor, silent witness of bullfights, executions, and coronations.

When overwhelmed by the echoes of the secret culinary life of the crypto-Jews back in the 16th century, a solo violin by Sammy Park will set the stage for the three vuelcos.

Schedule: 9:30AM- 12:15PM

Venue: Hillside Residence

Cocido Madrileño Cocido MadrileñoThursday, April 23rd

Hallyu to Spain.


A #WMLABTALKS event. Inspirational thought provoking lectures. We will talk about the future of work and the key shifts that women can make to prepare themselves to a future-proof career. Example of both personal and professional reinvention, we will interview the Spanish blogger Mónica García Cabello.

Through her blog (withoutbabymonsters), Mónica García brings the South Korea popular culture to the Spanish audience. She lives in Seoul and loves it. Gifted with a voracious curiosity, every very week she goes in the search of the unexpected city, that she watches, explores and tells us about as soon as her “baby monsters” are Where the Wild Things Are

Schedule: 10:00-12:00

Venue: Hillside Residence

#WMLABTALKS Thursday, May 7th



A #WMLABTALKS event. Inspirational thought provoking lectures.

A Korean journalist, Hye-Rim Kwon and Ana Dols, the Spanish catalyst of  WOMENLABKOREA, will talk tête à tête about how do Korean women look at their past and face modernity. WE ARE KOREAN WOMEN will be a female-focused collective dialogue to challenge stereotypes and clichés about being a woman in South Korea.

We will practise yogalates with Uliana Golovko and we will taste our SpanishFIKA” -we like the idea of Swedish FIKA but we fuse it with  the signature pan tumaca Catalonian breakfast or snack-. Finally we will discover Sogokjuand we’ll taste it!-, the 1500 year old beverage, and be captured by Simcheongjeon, a story of the Korean Pansori storytelling tradition. More than a workshop, WE ARE KOREAN WOMEN will be a celebration.

Schedule: 9:30 AM-12:15 PM

Venue: Hillside Residence

We are Korean Women We are Korean Women(4)Monday, May 26

Chocolate con churros (the popular “churros” snack). 마드리드와 오리지널 초코라떼   추러스를 맛보세요


A Spanish4Fun-Cooking Lab event. Churros, the Spanish fried-dough pastry, are already part of the mainstream Seoulite culture, where there are currently 21 franchise churro brands, 17 of them registered last year. Churros are the quintessential Madrilenian breakfast. Either thin (or sometimes knotted) or long and thick, they are eaten dipped in hot chocolate or café con leche. The recipe in hand, we will be making our own churros and dunk them in a very thick chocolate -the authentic one- dip. And while we indulge ourselves with this popular snack, we will discover the controversial history of churros’ origin, the Latin American variations of the churros, or where to have the best chocolate con churros in Madrid, a city made for foodies.

Schedule: 13:30 AM-15:30

Venue: Seorae Global Village Center 서울글로벌센터 – 서울특별시


Paella Valenciana


A Spanish4Fun-Cooking Lab event. The worldwide-known Paella is a blend of savors and colors from the Mediterranean Sea. The origins of this iconic dish are humble, Paella was originally farmers’ and farm laborers’ food, cooked over a wood fire for the lunchtime meal and traditionally eaten straight from the pan. It was made with rice, plus whatever ingredients were to hand around the rice fields and countryside (the so-called Huerta). We will try the original Paella Valenciana Recipe and travel to Valencia, whose sunlight was the painter Joaquín Sorolla’s inspiration.

Schedule: 13:30 -15:30

Venue: Seorae Global Village Center 서울글로벌센터 – 서울특별시

PAELLA WORKSHOP POSTER 2015 09 JUN(1)Thursday, May 28th

Survival Spanish. Spanish smarts for smart tourists.


A Spanish4Fun event. Five sessions to help participants to navigate their way through some common scenarios (at the airport, traveling around the city, at the bank, in a restaurant, …), whether they are in Spain or Latin America. Survival Spanish will be useful either to brush up on the Spanish participants already know, or to learn all the useful words and expressions they will need for their trip. We will learn Spanish smarts about the Spanish language, social life and culture.

Timetable: May 28th, June 4th 11th 18th 25th

Schedule: 10:00 AM-11:00AM

Venue: Hillside Residence

Survival Spanish 16 oAre you ready to be surprised?.

“Cooking up a tribute” to the revolutionary Basque cuisine

Ongietorri!, welcome in Euskara, the Basque Country language. That’s how we have started our two workshops in March.

Our friend Hye has published her own version in Korean: [스페인 요리] 스페인 바스크 요리 쿠킹 클래스 (Discovering the Basque gastronomy) – http://blog.naver.com/pyano7/220295989738

BASQUE COUNTRY WORKSHOP HILLSIDE(1)BASQUE COUNTRY WORKSHOP(2)Far more modest than the tribute paid to the American cuisine by the Roca Brothers in their documentary “Cooking Up a Tribute” [the film is the result of the tour that took “El Celler de Can Roca” to the Texas cities of Houston and Dallas; the Mexican cities of Mexico City and Monterrey; Bogota, Colombia and Perú], we want to embark you on a trip around the Basque Country, mostly San Sebastián, to discover this territory and its gastronomic treasures and above all, to pay tribute to the revolutionary Basque Cuisine.
As mentioned by Jesús Rodríguez in “El País”, we wish you to discover “what drives the culinary excellence of a region that is home to five of the world’s best restaurants”.
I guess everything in this culinary experience is about discovery. It was our first cookery class & “pintxos lab” and we did it, as Pickering and Higgins congratulate each other in My Fair Lady’s film. Mónica García Cabello and I we say that we would do it and indeed we did it!.
But a lot of the glory goes to you, dear participants, for you co-created the “pintxos” and that was an awesome experience. We thank you all.

GRUPOGRUPO2Our motto, inspired by Ferrán Adriá, was “the great revolution of the future will be to recognize that the diner is also cook”. And we believe that. We believe that participants should be “more” participants. That is why we will try to carry out this “learning-by-doing” experience in all our workshops, for it goes both ways around: you learn, we learn –a lot- from you. That’s the idea of a cooking lab…And that is where our commitment with innovation begins and so does our biggest challenge: turning people from mere observers into value creators.

Ongietorri to Euskal Herria, “the land of the Basque speakers”, and let the music leads you to the beauty of this country: “Lau teilatu Mikel Erentxun eta Amaia Montero”,

As casual Cicerone, we say a few words about the Basque traditions like the Pelota Vasca and inevitably, the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao has to be mentioned.

The Guggenheim has had a powerful impact on Bilbao’s transformation, now a mecca for design and architecture but until not long ago, a city full of decaying industrial complexes.

In our trip we walk on the most beautiful urban beach in Europe: la playa de la Concha, in San Sebastián. But everything in the Basque Country revolves around the passion for food, so we have to shift our swimsuits to aprons…

San Sebastián

Revolutionary?. The Basque cuisine took the dishes that were being prepared a century ago and reinvented them over the course of 40 years. We reflect on the drivers of this “spicy” culinary innovation and his/her pioneers, like José Mari Arzak or her daughter Elena. Firstable, the sum of culinary tradition [“txokos”, cookery clubs, and traditional recipes, local and seasonal products] and the so-called “avant-garde”. Secondly, that this (r)evolution has involved everyone: producers, the food and culture industry and the innovation hub.

And after all this talking and reflecting, Mesdames and Messieurs we were happy to introduce you the Marmitako recipe (Tuna Pot). In the euskoguide.com or in Jonathan McCallum’s blog you can find the recipe for this classic Basque meal. But our gift is the Begoña Hualde’s aunt’s recipe, a Tuna Pot recipe from Navarra (another region close to the Country Basque).

portadaAnd while the Marmitako is “over the flames”…We can devote ourselves to Donostia, San Sebastián. San Sebastián has gained significant press for its cuisine, just imagine that the city alone has 15 Michelin stars spread across 7 restaurants and it is also famous for its “pintxos”…

The Vaga Brothers  teach us that “Pintxos” are small finger foods served at bars and taverns, and that is typical to go into a bar in the Basque Country and find the entire counter lined with plates of various “pintxos”. From the verb “pinchar” (to stab or to poke), “pintxos” are served on a small slice of bread and have a toothpick piercing them, hmm…umm yammi. (check all the pictures we have on our Pinterest board https://es.pinterest.com/womenlabkorea/spanish4fun-euskadi-the-basque-country/). Follow WOMENLABKOREA’s board Spanish4Fun. Euskadi, the Basque Country on Pinterest.

DSCF9349DSCF9343And the time comes for the participants to co-design and co-create an appetizing & tasty “pintxo” and decide about ingredients, flavors, colors and textures…And the toughest part of it: to “test” the “pintxos” and the wine…This time it was Australian, next time we hope you will enjoy the slightly sparkling, very dry white wine with high acidity and low alcohol content of a Txacoli…

C360_2015-03-05-15-05-30-093(1)1425427411084 (2)Muchas gracias (thank you, in Spanish), agur (Goodbye in Euskara) or better: gero arte (so long o “hasta pronto” in Spanish).

Have you ever been to a cooking lab?. It is never too late to try it!.

WOMENLABKOREA, a person-centered innovation initiative that uses collaborative methodology and focuses on getting from ideas to action, in order to generate innovation, social capital and entrepreneurship. Our first output is the newborn “Spanish4Fun”, creative events to expand the knowledge of Spanish Culture and Language.

First “Spanish4Fun” event was addressed to the iconic gazpacho soup and the well-known Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar´s imagery…Then we made a tour to Argentina, tasted the typical breakfast in Buenos Aires and delighted with “The secret in their eyes” movie, after that we brought the Paella to the heart of Seoul…One workshop was held in the Seorae Global Village Center and the second one in Hillside Club House in cooperation with the FoD International Cooking Class.

And now we are pleased to announce that this month two more “Spanish4Fun” & Cooking LAB events are taking place, once again in the Seorae Global Village Center and in Hillside Residence.

BASQUE COUNTRY WORKSHOP HILLSIDE(1)This time our workshop will be devoted to Euskadi, the Basque Country. We will have a cooking show (Marmitako, a delicious Tuna Pot) and a “pintxo” cooking lab.

The “pintxo” is the well-known Basque hors d’oeuvre or snack, typically eaten in bars and this cooking lab means a real challenge: we want you not only to enjoy yourself and learn more about the Spanish cuisine and culture, but to have an unforgettable experience by creating your own “pintxo”, in fact by co-creating it with other people.

In our pursuit of innovation and inspired by one of the most famous chef in the world, Ferrán Adriá, we invite people to be cook!.

Our plan is to make a virtual travel to the Basque Country and discover not only the new Basque cuisine, but also their ways of eating (for there are features of the way of preparing and sharing food unique to the area) and after that we will introduce the traditional Marmitako recipe…

And while our fish stew is on the fire, we can image that we are in the kitchen of one of a Basque-style “pintxos” bar ready to prepare a new “pintxo”…

A short talk and useful tips will provide people with insights and inspiration to create a simple and tasty “pintxo”, or a sophisticated and elaborate one, or even a shocking cuisine fusion piece…Are you ready to join?.BASQUE COUNTRY WORKSHOP(2)