About Ana Dols

My name is Ana Dols. Little more than two months ago I left my country and my job to come to Seoul to support my family. At the beginning I was stressed and worried about my career and the changes I might have to face after leaving work for one-two years or even more.

However I have realized that now I have this unique opportunity to think more deeply about how I will go about crafting my working future. In fact, is not true that I might undertake whatever I want to?, although that scares me too.

I think that part of the solution will come from rethinking our linear career paths and considering more lateral models, therefore being more innovative about where to use our untapped talent… but; how to do that?, how to innovate?, how to face these huge challenges?.

Certainly it is very difficult to do it alone. I have been leading an urban living lab addressed to unemployed people in Rivas-Vaciamadrid, Madrid (Spain) for two years and I have experienced the enormous success of empowering people and promoting self- motivation and perceived self-efficacy, transforming their role from mere users of a public service to enable them, as a community, to co-create projects and re-design a public space to build a lab where to reinvent themselves.

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