Have you ever been to a cooking lab?. It is never too late to try it!.

WOMENLABKOREA, a person-centered innovation initiative that uses collaborative methodology and focuses on getting from ideas to action, in order to generate innovation, social capital and entrepreneurship. Our first output is the newborn “Spanish4Fun”, creative events to expand the knowledge of Spanish Culture and Language.

First “Spanish4Fun” event was addressed to the iconic gazpacho soup and the well-known Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar´s imagery…Then we made a tour to Argentina, tasted the typical breakfast in Buenos Aires and delighted with “The secret in their eyes” movie, after that we brought the Paella to the heart of Seoul…One workshop was held in the Seorae Global Village Center and the second one in Hillside Club House in cooperation with the FoD International Cooking Class.

And now we are pleased to announce that this month two more “Spanish4Fun” & Cooking LAB events are taking place, once again in the Seorae Global Village Center and in Hillside Residence.

BASQUE COUNTRY WORKSHOP HILLSIDE(1)This time our workshop will be devoted to Euskadi, the Basque Country. We will have a cooking show (Marmitako, a delicious Tuna Pot) and a “pintxo” cooking lab.

The “pintxo” is the well-known Basque hors d’oeuvre or snack, typically eaten in bars and this cooking lab means a real challenge: we want you not only to enjoy yourself and learn more about the Spanish cuisine and culture, but to have an unforgettable experience by creating your own “pintxo”, in fact by co-creating it with other people.

In our pursuit of innovation and inspired by one of the most famous chef in the world, Ferrán Adriá, we invite people to be cook!.

Our plan is to make a virtual travel to the Basque Country and discover not only the new Basque cuisine, but also their ways of eating (for there are features of the way of preparing and sharing food unique to the area) and after that we will introduce the traditional Marmitako recipe…

And while our fish stew is on the fire, we can image that we are in the kitchen of one of a Basque-style “pintxos” bar ready to prepare a new “pintxo”…

A short talk and useful tips will provide people with insights and inspiration to create a simple and tasty “pintxo”, or a sophisticated and elaborate one, or even a shocking cuisine fusion piece…Are you ready to join?.BASQUE COUNTRY WORKSHOP(2)